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Wolfe Randolph J DDS Patient Resources

Our office provides many patient resources, including new patient forms and other forms you can print at home and hand in during your visit. Click on the links below to fill them out ahead of time and make your appointment process faster.

We also receive a number of frequently asked questions from our patients about our office and dental procedures in general. Here is just a few of them and their answers. Feel free to contact us with additional questions.

The new recommendation is to bring children in at 1 year old to start their dental exams
Most people would benefit by using the new model electric brush, but they still must brush at least 2 minutes.
Changing hormones cause normal gums to be swollen and irritated. This condition is called Pregnancy Gingivitis. It’s important to be extra diligent and careful with dental hygiene and to visit the dentist regularly to address any problems.
The level is very low, less than a chest x-ray, and today, the radiation from these x-rays has been reduced by 90% from what it used to be.
Usually, the first tooth erupts at age 5-7 months. There is a wide range after this that is still considered normal, and your child can get their first tooth as late as 18 months.